Forensic Testing

Results may not be admissible in court due to collection methods and chain of custody issues.

Semen Detections

Testing a suspected semen stain in order to verify that semen is present.

Price: $200.00

Blood Detections

Testing a suspected blood stain in order to verify that blood is present.

Price: $200.00

DNA Typing of single source forensic samples

Price: $300.00

DNA Typing of mixed source forensic samples (differential extraction)

Price: $600.00


Paternity Testing Corporation provides RFLP testing to private clients by request (or as the laboratory sees necessary) as well as other laboratories in need of additional comparison with previous RFLP results.

Price: $300.00

Y Chromosome Testing

Y Chromosome testing can be performed to verify male lineage over several generations. Y Chromosome testing is often used in criminal cases as well.

Price: $250.00
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